Female passes out in restaurant, projectile vomits

Around 1 a.m. Thursday, Oxford Police Department Officers were dispatched to I Love Sushi restaurant regarding a passed out female. When officers arrived, they saw the female passed out in the dining area, face down. After waking the female up, they found a small pool of saliva next to her. Officers told her she had had too much to drink. While talking to the officers, she started to projectile vomit, according to police. She confessed to officers that she drank vodka. Officers called an ambulance to escort her to the hospital and on the ride there, officers found another ID in her purse from California. When they ran the ID, it came back as a different person. The female was identified as Miami University sophomore Haley Flynn. Flynn was charged with underage drinking, disorderly conduct and possession of a fake ID.

Male awakes to find car broken into, GPS stolen

Around 11 a.m. Saturday, a male reported to Oxford Police that an unknown subject went through his vehicle overnight and stole his GPS unit and power cord. The car was left with the passenger side door open. No damage to the car was found.

Student reports stolen ID, MU bucks falsely charged

Around 8 p.m. Sunday, a male reported to Oxford Police that he lost his Miami University ID card somewhere in the uptown area. The victim said he received a notification via email that there was $50.00 spent on his Uptown Bucks account. It is unknown where the transaction occurred and there are no suspects at this time.