Drunk juvenile gets in fight, resists medics’ care

Tuesday night, OPD officers responded to 1008 Arrowhead Dr. in response to a fight. Upon officers’ arrival, one male ran inside and another remained on the lawn. An officer approached the remaining suspect, who appeared to be extremely intoxicated, according to OPD. He bore a gash on the right side of his scalp and a small cut on his left eye. The juvenile did not wish to press charges, according to OPD. Officers called the life squad to tend to the boy’s injuries. When medics arrived, the boy was argumentative and uncooperative. His defiant attitude continued all the way to the ER. He was cited with underage offenses.

 ‘Not-21-year-old’ boy is escorted out of Brick

Saturday night, OPD officers were conducting a bar check at Brick Street Bar & Grille, 36 E. High St., when a “very youthful” boy was seen holding what appeared to be a mixed drink, according to OPD. When the subject noticed the officer’s presence, he attempted to conceal his drink. When asked his age, sophomore Gareth Parsons responded, “not 21.” He was promptly handcuffed on the spot and escorted out of the bar. He was taken back to OPD where he was cited for underage offenses. He was then found to possess a fictitious driver’s license. Parsons was then further cited for certain acts prohibited and taken to Butler County Jail, according to OPD.

Listen, alleyway whizzer: ‘Urine’ a lot of trouble

Saturday night, an OPD officer was standing near the rear of 110 E. High St. when he observed a white male attempting to urinate on the side of the building. The officer proceeded to shine his light on the man’s shame. Sophomore Jordan Cook quickly whipped around, stuffed and zipped. As the officer spoke with Cook, he could smell a strong alcoholic odor on his breath. When asked, Cook told the officer he was 23 years old. The officer then asked for an ID, which Cook denied having on him. After a pause to draw in the urine and booze bouquet blooming in the back alley, the officer again asked Cook his age. He then honestly answered, “20.” Cook was arrested and cited for underage offenses. He was also found in possession of a fake ID and was cited for certain acts prohibited and taken to Butler County Jail.