Irate man barates police all the way to county jail

Around 2:01 a.m. Saturday, an OPD officer was on patrol around 210 S. Campus Ave. when he heard a loud smashing of glass. After searching nearby car windows, his eyes were drawn to the second story window of the residence at 210.

One resident was cleaning the front room when sophomore David Joseph O’Horo slipped in through the back door and up the stairs, unnoticed, according to OPD. The resident was startled when he heard the shattering sound, which came from the second story kitchen. He went upstairs to find O’Horo “destroying everything,” according to OPD.

An irate O’Horo had been throwing trash and pilfered refrigerator contents all over the room, including a bottle of barbeque sauce, which he threw through the window, according to OPD.

The resident asked whether any of his housemates knew the man. All said no. When asked to leave, O’Horo stated, “No, I don’t want to leave.” When pressured, he clenched his fists and screamed “no,” repeatedly, according to OPD.

The tenants managed to get O’Horo on the ground and drag him toward the door. Meanwhile, three additional officers had arrived on scene and were approaching the entrance. As the police moved to enter the house, the door flew open and an “intoxicated and combative” O’Horo was thrown at their feet, to everyone’s surprise, OPD said.

While being arrested, O’Horo called the officers “pieces of shit,” and said, “I hope you all die in a fire, you motherf-rs.” After being handcuffed, he added, “Once these cuffs come off, I’ll kill all of you,” according to OPD. The verbal abuse continued all the way to Butler County Jail where O’Horo was charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

Altoid ‘ya once,  altoid ‘ya twice:  ‘Yer under arrest

Around 1:54 a.m. Friday, officers responded to 11 S. Poplar St. where a car had struck another vehicle and fled. A car matching the description was spotted moving southbound on S. Poplar and the officer followed, eventually executing a stop into Stewart Square, according to OPD.

The officer observed Jasmine Rogers, a 21-year-old first-year student, in the driver’s seat. The officer approached the vehicle and asked Rogers if she had hit another car. Rather than answer the question, Rogers began saying what a “crazy night” it had been, according to OPD. When asked again if she had struck a car she responded “When?” The officer responded “One minute ago,” and Rogers said no.

The officer surveyed the vehicle and noticed it had sustained front fender damage. Rogers said she didn’t remember the cause of the damage and said she hadn’t had much to drink, OPD said. As the officer approached the car, he saw Rogers pull something out of a small tin and put it in her mouth.

He made her spit it out as she exited the car, which revealed her vomit caked thighs and car seat. She then exclaimed that someone had thrown up on her and continued to complain about it, according to OPD.

Rogers failed all aspects of the field sobriety tests given, was placed under arrest and refused to get in the patrol car. She first wanted to know what would happen to her passenger, according to OPD. She then asked why she was being arrested. The officer informed her he believed she was under the influence of alcohol. She claimed that was false, and she had passed all of the tests. The officer assured Rogers that was not the case, according to OPD.

Rogers BAC registered at .125. She was charged with OVI.