Girl falls from window, remains in critical condition

At 4:39 a.m. Wednesday, a hurried male entered the OPD lobby and said he witnessed a girl fall from the third story window of a house on East Walnut Street.

According to the witness, the female was sitting in the window before she fell.

An officer responded and found the female on the ground, unconscious but breathing. According to OPD, her only visible injuries appeared to be head trauma and some abrasions.

OPD said she was noticeably intoxicated and could not walk. After Oxford Life Squad arrived and took her to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, she was airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton.

According to OPD, the female did not sustain life-threatening injuries and is expected to recover. OPD said it does not suspect foul play.

Female found drunk and dirty

At 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, an OPD officer responded to East Walnut Street to a report of a female sitting in the mud between two cars.

Upon arrival, the officer found two people assisting the female, still in the mud.

The officer told the pedestrians he would take care of the situation and led the female to his cruiser.

When asked how much she had drunk, she said, “Probably too much.” She also said she was 19 years old. However, the officer noticed she was wearing an over 21 wristband, and asked her for identification.

The suspect said she had lost it. Dutifully, the officer went over to the mud puddle between two cars and found her purse. The female told the officer where he could find her purse.

However, instead he discovered an over 21 Illinois driver’s license bearing all the female’s information. The female said she was from Ohio, not Illinois, and the license in question was her fake ID.

The female was arrested and taken to OPD where she was charged with offenses involving underage persons, disorderly conduct and certain acts prohibited. She was released to her boyfriend.