Student throws whiskey to ground, admits age

Around 2:45 a.m. Wednesday, an Oxford Police Department officer was on foot patrol when he noticed a male throwing a plastic jug and a bottle of Old Crow whiskey on the ground. As the male walked towards the officer he started throwing empty cans of Keystone Light from his pockets. The officer approached the male and as soon as the officer approached him, the male admitted he was 18-years-old.

The officer picked up everything the male threw and took possession of it. The officer identified the male as Miami University first-year Samuel Harrington. As the officer confirmed his age he realized Harrington’s date of birth did not match up on the license because it said he was 19. When he asked Harrington how old he was he said, “I never told you how old I was.” The officer detected an odor of alcoholic beverage and charged Harrington with underage possession of alcohol.

Female’s wristlet stolen at local bar

Around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, a female student came to the Oxford Police Department right after a male subject at Brick Street Bar and Grill took a wristlet out of her hand and fled out of the bar. The victim said a male subject wearing a blue and white plaid long sleeve button down shirt and khaki pants walked up to her and started talking to her.

She said he placed his arm on her back to distract her while he slid her wristlet out of her other hand. The tall college-aged male subject then quickly went to the front door of Brick Street and left. The victim realized this happened when the subject was out the front door and she was unable to stop him before he left.

Male admits to burglary with fraternity brothers

Around 7:45 p.m. Sunday, Miami University sophomore Pat Louis Kerbuski III came to speak to Oxford Police Department officers without an attorney to admit to a burglary. He confirmed he and his fraternity brothers broke into a house and took items. The residents of the home returned home over the weekend to find their house had been entered and was missing items.

Entrance to the home was gained through a smashed rear window of the house. Mud was found on the bed and the floor lamp had been knocked over. A laptop and other expensive items were not stolen. A Chase Bank debit card was found on the floor with Kerbuski’s name on it and was turned into police for evidence. Kerbuski and his two other friends were charged with burglary.