Man resists other’s arrest, and then his own

At 2:30 a.m. Friday, an OPD officer was in his cruiser doing paperwork regarding a suspect detained in the backseat when a male knocked on his window.

The male outside the cruiser demanded the officer let the man in the backseat go, according to OPD. When asked if he knew the suspect, he said he did, and his name was “Edward.”

The man, whose name was not Edward, said he had never seen the male before.

As the male spoke into the cruiser, the officer smelled his intoxicated breath and told him he needed to buzz off.

The male said he refused to leave until the officer released the male in the back of the cruiser. The officer again demanded the male vamoose, which he did. Almost immediately, the male returned with a troop of friends. He again yelled at the officer to release the incarcerated suspect.

After he was told he would be arrested if he remained by the cruiser, the male walked about 30 feet away, OPD said. However, he quickly returned a third time, determined to free the total stranger in the cruiser.

When asked for ID, the male said his license was in his wallet and the officer could get it if he really wanted. Two additional officers dispersed the male’s friends, who left saying, “F**k OPD” and making “offensive hand gestures.”

The officers asked the male to join the male in the back of the cruiser. He refused. He was placed under arrest, but not without resistance. Two officers brought him to the ground and forced his hands behind his back.

Since he refused to sign his citations for obstructing official business and resisting arrest, he was taken to Butler County Jail.

Night of the living drunk: man asleep in parking lot

At 2:30 a.m. Friday, an OPD officer reported to a parking lot at 110 N. Poplar St in response to a male lying on the ground.

Upon arrival, the officer found a male splayed on his back on the asphalt. Identifying himself as an officer, he asked the male if he was OK.

The male said he was OK. Stooping over the body, the officer could smell liquor on his breath and noticed his eyes were glassy and bloodshot.

Like a hand from the grave, the male stuck his arm straight into the air and asked the officer to help him up. The officer told him to get up on his own, which he was unable to do.

After the limp male was unable to haul himself to his feet, the officer helped him. The male began to stagger away and the officer asked for his ID. While still walking away, the male pulled out his wallet and asked why the officer wanted to see identification.

The officer grabbed the suspect’s arm to keep him from wandering away. A second officer arrived, and it took both authorities to place the male in handcuffs. While the man was restrained, the officer identified the male and discovered he was 21 years old.

While at the station, the male began “yelling and screaming.” While in the holding cell, he banged on doors and screamed at passersby. Officers warned him to stop, and had to restrain him in the holding cell.

He was cited for disorderly conduct and taken to Butler County Jail.