Lean on me, when you’re not sober

At 1 a.m. Saturday, an OPD officer observed a male leaning against the exterior wall of Skyline Chili, 1 E. High St.

The subject seemed to have difficulty standing on his feet, OPD said. He almost fell twice while the officer was watching.

A male hung up his cellphone and approached the officer. He said he had just called 9-1-1 in reference to the male in question because he was concerned for his safety.

The officer approached the suspect and asked if he was OK after he almost fell for a third time. The male responded unintelligibly, according to the officer, and mentioned something about Pachinko’s.

When asked what street he was on, he said, “Mine Street.” When asked what town, he said, “Mine Town.” The male reeked of alcohol and his unintelligible speech dribbled out through a slur.

The officer asked the male if he had been drinking. He again mumbled something about Pachinko’s.

The male was unable to comprehend the officer when asked for an ID, so he threw his arms into the air. The officer took the suspect’s wallet from his front pocket and found a vertical Ohio driver’s license.The male confirmed the picture on the ID was of him.

At the station, the male spiraled into incoherence, according to OPD. He eventually passed out and was taken to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital where he was left with his citation for sales to and use by underage persons.

In Oxford, justice is served by the slice 

At 1:45 a.m. Friday, an OPD officer was dispatched to the intersection of West Withrow Street and College Avenue in response to a report a white male had assaulted a female and her friend as he was trying to steal their pizza.

After the incident, the male ran from the two females. An officer traveling west on Sycamore Street saw a white male that matched the description sprinting northbound.

The officer stopped across from the post office in the 5100 block of Brown Road and told the male to stop walking. He ignored her and continued fleeing.

The officer stepped in front of the suspect and noticed he was panting and sweating on his brow. The officer pointed toward West Withrow Street, whence he was running, and asked what happened. He said, “Absolutely nothing. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

When asked for ID, he produced a license not belonging to him, which he claimed was a friends. When the suspect presented his correct identification, it was confirmed he was 21 years of age. The officer asked again what had happened. He said he was running home because it was cold.

A second officer with the two females pieced the story together. The victims said they were walking behind the male with their pizza when he turned around and asked for a slice. When they said no, he tried to rip the box from their hands.

He then kicked and punched the female holding the pizza and dragged her approximately five feet along the sidewalk. They said they were going to call 911 and he bolted. The officer drove by the male with the two females in his car and they positively identified it was the same man. He was then taken to OPD where he was charged with robbery and prohibitions. He was processed and taken to the Butler County Jail. No word on how the pizza tasted.