Time saving tip:  Want a watch? Steal one.

At 1:48 a.m. Tuesday, OPD officers responded to Arrowhead Drive in response to a reported theft.

Upon arrival, the complainant said he had noticed a white male rummaging through his car, which was parked in a lot.

The victim confronted the male, who then ran away with another, both dressed in all black. The victim followed them both inside an apartment building further down the road. The victim reported that he was missing a watch from the center console of his car.

Officers went to the apartment into which the victim claimed to have followed the suspects. While one officer knocked on the door, the other walked around the side of the residence and observed a male sitting inside. The male then turned off the light.

After several attempts to make contact with the residents, a male who appeared to have just woken up came to the door. When asked if there was anyone else inside the residence, the male said his cousin and his friend were inside.

The officer entered the apartment and observed one male fitting the suspect’s description. Officers found several articles of black clothing inside the residence and, upon further investigation, found a watch matching the victim’s in a pants pocket.

Both males were arrested and taken to OPD where they each denied the theft. However, each gave a different, conflicting alibi.

When confronted about their discrepancies, they admitted to lying and having taken the watch. One male was charged with theft and criminal mischief, and the other, the lookout, was charged with complicity. They were taken to Butler County Jail.