Male loses fake license,  finds officer with wallet

Sunday around 1:47 a.m., an Oxford Police officer was eating at Skyline Chili when he observed a male eating at the counter. The male quickly paid and left, leaving his wallet behind on the counter.

The officer, in an attempt to return the wallet, removed an Ohio driver license bearing the name Ryan Carballo. The officer ran the license to check for a local address and it was found to be fake, according to OPD.

A Miami University student ID was also found bearing the very same picture but the very different name of first-year Brian Pennington, according to OPD. Pennington was later determined to be 19 years old, rather than 22, as stated on the fake license, according to OPD.

Approximately ten minutes later, Pennington arrived in Skyline. He asked if a wallet belonging to Ryan Carballo had been found. Another officer in Skyline at the time said yes, and informed the initial officer the boy had returned.

The officer entered Skyline, recognized the boy he had seen at the counter, and greeted him, saying, “Hi, Mr. Pennington.” According to OPD, a resigned Pennington hung his head and was cited for certain acts prohibited. He was released.

Male returns to scene of crime with beer in car

Sunday around 8:23 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 0 block of High Street in response to a hit and run vehicle accident. According to OPD, the driver of a white Jeep Wrangler struck a parked orange Dodge Neon. The owner of the Neon came out of his place of work and confirmed the damage was fresh, according to OPD.

The deep scrapes and white paint transfer on the driver side door of the parked Neon were caused when 19-year-old sophomore Ross Keller, heading west on East High Street, attempted to U-turn into an angled parking spot on the eastbound side, according to OPD. He slid on ice and struck the Neon, according to OPD.

As the officer was talking with the Neon’s owner, a white Jeep Wrangler arrived on scene driven by Keller. Keller said he struck the car, according to OPD. Unsure what do to, he said he had driven to his dorm to get paper to leave a note, according to OPD.

The officer smelled burnt marijuana from the Wrangler and discovered an 18-case of Busch Light containing 8 unopened cans, which were taken as evidence, according to OPD.

Keller was taken to the station where he maintained he was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident to drop off his friend, according to OPD. Keller initially said the beer belonged to “no one,” according to OPD, but later said it belonged to him because it was in his Jeep.

He was cited for sales-to-and-use by underage persons and U-turns restricted, according to OPD. He was released.