Lauren Hetzel, For The Miami Student

Before Patterson’s Café expanded its hours to include dinner, students who had a craving for home fries or stuffed French Toast at 5 p.m. were out of luck, but not anymore.

Patterson’s Café recently expanded its hours to include dinner, meaning students may no longer have to worry about sacrificing sleep to beat the mid-morning rush for their favorite café foods.

“I think dinner was always part of our original business plan,” owner Mike Patterson said. “The way I like to do things is to do it in steps and little pieces.”

One of the first steps after moving from High Street to Stewart Square last August was to obtain a liquor license.

“So that’s become part of the dinner thing,” Patterson said.

Patterson said the decision made sense.

“We’ve had the demand and we’ve got a pretty loyal clientele,” Patterson said. “We still have the same craziness during the mornings — especially the weekend.”

Although Patterson said this change has been well received so far, he has not particularly promoted the additional hours.

“I didn’t know that they were starting to serve dinner until I heard it from one of my friends,” junior Blair Donahue said. “I haven’t been yet this year, so I just assumed they were still only doing breakfast and lunch.”

Patterson said the new time has not changed the café’s offerings.

“We’re really doing the same menu we’ve always done,” Patterson said.

He said regular breakfast menu items remain on the new dinner menu.

“I think (continuing to have a breakfast menu) is a really good idea,” Donahue said. “Especially with college students, a lot of people will want to go at night and still get breakfast, so I think that was a really smart choice on their part.”

Senior Sean MacIver, who had not heard of the new extended hours said he probably would not go to dinner at Patterson’s because he thinks it is naturally a breakfast place, but said the breakfast menu at dinner would probably increase the chances that he would go later in the day.

Donahue agreed.

“When I think of Patterson’s, I think of a breakfast place,” Donahue said. “Even if I went around dinner, I would still get breakfast.”

While the new menu contains nightly features like gourmet burgers on Tuesday nights, it also includes options like all you can eat pancakes as an additional Tuesday feature.

“It’s obviously added to our overall revenue, which is obviously the goal,” Patterson said.

The new hours for Patterson’s are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday.