Chris Denicola,


I can see both sides of the argument as far as whether or not violent games are bad for children because they can influence them to be violent. Then again, I played violent video games when I was younger and my parents were aware of it. They constantly reminded me the video game wasn’t how I should model my life. More importantly, my parents didn’t let me play video games night and day. I was involved in after-school activities to stay active and keep me from becoming entranced by the game.

The introduction of the law would make video game retailers responsible for the sales of violent games to minors and would fine them up to $1,000 for a violation of the law. The video game industry already regulates games with a voluntary rating system.This self-regulation has done a pretty good job of preventing sales to minors, with the Federal Trade Commission releasing a study that found only 20 percent of minors were able to purchase games with a rating of “Mature.”

Again, why are parents not doing their jobs? It is quite simple for parents to make sure that kids aren’t playing these video games without making the government act. Instead of relying on a law to keep your kids from getting their hands on the game, put the system in the common area of the house so the parent can watch what games are being played and also be able to regulate how long the games are played. This will eliminate the ability of a child to lock the door and “shoot up” people unless the parents are fully aware of it. The bottom line is there shouldn’t be a need to introduce a law to regulate the sale of violent games. It is up to parents to take responsibility for what their children are doing and to discipline them for breaking the rules of the house. Parents are too willing to blame lack of government regulation for their children being exposed to violent games.

I never liked when my parents turned off the video games or told me I wasn’t allowed to play a game because it was too violent. Now I’m older and can appreciate that my parents had rules. They did their jobs as parents, took the controller out of my hands and put it into their own. It’s time for other parents to take control of their children’s gaming habits instead of waiting for the government (which we all know has enough problems as it is) to do it for them.