Jessica Barga, Senior Staff Writer

A new ordinance passed during the March 6 city council meeting will allow Oxford Township to gain 304 acres of land, according to City Manager Doug Elliott.

The land, which includes three parcels owned by Miami University, will be incorporated into the township jurisdiction.

“The city sought annexation of this land so water and sewer services can be provided to the Miami Heritage Tech Park developer and the city can receive any future income tax revenue from the development of the site,” Elliott said.

Looking into the future, the city is beginning to consider joining a government aggregation program for its electric and power service, according to Elliot.

Under an aggregation plan, the city of Oxford would choose one supplier of energy, potentially lowering costs for residents depending on the chosen supplier.

“As it stands now, the residents of Oxford do have a choice – the retail choice program allows you to pick your own electric supplier and many residents have done that and so that might affect whether or not they would want to go in with the program and whether or not their [electric] contract would allow them to cancel without penalty,” Elliot said.

A resolution was also passed to temporarily suspend the noise ordinance and allow the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event to be held at Rider Track and Field April 14, according to Mary Ann Eaton, Oxford clerk of council.