After deliberating for nearly an hour, Oxford’s city council unanimously agreed to allow a Burger King to be built in town.

Drive-thru establishments require an extra permit, so that was the main topic of debate at the meeting.

The building, which will be located at 5093 College Corner Pike, will be approximately 2,800 square feet and will take the place of two residential buildings between an auto parts store and an insurance office.

The council’s main concerns were if the new building would fit certain environmental standards, parking limits and sign limits.

The council decided to have the restaurant remove three parking spots in front of the dumpster since they wouldn’t be needed. They also decided the restaurant needed to go from five proposed signs to two. The conern behind the number of signs was due to light pollution and tree coverage. 

Planned hours of operation will be 6 am to midnight everyday. No open date has been set for the location.