Sylvie Turner

The Oxford Diner, which closed for a short hiatus in November 2009, re-opened its doors to hungry customers this month with a new menu and new hours.

The Oxford Diner is back from its two-month hiatus and is serving new and old customers under new management, a new menu and new hours.

In November 2009, Oxford residents and Miami University students alike were surprised to see Oxford Diner closing its doors. More surprising, according to new co-owner Donna Anderson, was the lack of information surrounding the closure.

“We don’t really have any knowledge or background of why the old management had to close,” Donna Anderson said.

Donna Anderson and her husband John said they have done everything they can to make the diner a friendly, caring and, above all else, delicious environment.

From the free Wi-Fi to the 24-hour breakfast specials, the renovated Oxford Diner will quickly be competing with its breakfast and brunch restaurant counterparts.

Oxford Diner’s new management is hoping to attract more students this time around.

“We’re very aware that our location makes it more difficult for students, as most don’t have cars,” co-owner John Anderson said.

Though Miami first-year Nikki Ponticos doesn’t have a car on campus, she said she knows many people who do that would be willing to make the trip for breakfast at Oxford Diner rather than on campus.

“Nothing is better than waking up at noon on a Saturday and sharing the stories from the night before around a packed table,” Ponticos said.

Because Oxford Diner is now open 24 hours, John Anderson said he’s not concerned about the location. Even in the early hours of the morning, Anderson said the diner has customers coming in to get a taste of quality comfort food.

The new menu, which still contains some of the standard items from the diner’s previous menu, has a wide variety of choices that will please even the pickiest of eaters, according to the Andersons.

Though the wacky wall art character of the old diner is gone, the new restaurant offers five monstrous breakfast specials, ranging from the works to simply an egg and toast all day.

“I’m a personal fan of brinner (breakfast for dinner),” first-year Adam Morrisey said.

Morrisey said he was glad to hear he could get his favorite bacon and eggs from the diner even at midnight.