Professor Emeritus Jerome Stanley,

On one of these beautiful spring days, take a walk on the Western Campus, descend into the valley below the stone bridges, and feast your eyes on one of the worst trash sites in all of Butler County. This disgraceful disrespect for our environment is unparalleled. It speaks of a cavalier attitude on the part of a few who do not value the beautiful natural environment of our community.

Hopefully, the Student Council will review this problem (since apparently students are responsible) and organize a volunteer clean-up group. This cleaning task should not be viewed as belonging solely to the grounds crew personnel, who do an excellent job in keeping our community beautified. Let it not be said of Miami University, known for its recycling program, that among its student body are those who sweep the dirt under the rug into places thought to be out of view.

Surely, college students of today went through kindergarten learning how to dispose of trash properly. And yet, it is a sad commentary that such early stages of education can be lacking at the university level.