Qiao Song, songq@muohio.edu

Have you ever had a tough period when you screwed up everything? Have you ever had a sorrowful feeling that you were not popular everywhere you went? Have you ever had a time that you thought you were the unluckiest person in the world? Have you ever had a thought that life is so meaningless? I know I have been experiencing these hard periods, but I just have no idea when I can get through this dark time and step into the spring of my life. 

Walking around the campus, I can hear the sound of green weak buds on the dry branches desperately breathe fresh air; I can see the grass hopefully turn their heads towards the sun. Oxford has been occupied by winter for such a long time that nature couldn’t stand times without sunshine. Spring has been joking around, keeping coming and going all the time and bothering people to take off and put on warm clothes. When finally Sunday brought the smell of summer to the campus, when the big sun happily smiled in the sky, Miami University’s professors pushed students into the crowded libraries to work on coming finals.  

This is the real Miami life; suffering, struggling and fighting.  

Life is easy to get lost when you just live under others’ controls. When I am just working on reviewing textbooks for exams, when I set raising GPA scores as the only goal for a whole school year, I know my life is incomplete. When I give all of my free time to schoolwork, I know I am not truly living in this world. I should do something that could make an even small difference in my life. When the university gradually makes me feel more and more frustrated, I know I will stop here to deeply ponder on my education and my future.  

I know it’s normal that every person has a down mood and a rainy night. I also know that the darkest hour is that before the dawn. It’s understandable that life is composed of all difficulties and hazards. Maybe all we need is time, a span of time for adjusting ourselves to a new life, a span of time for recovering from the hurtful feelings, a span of time to get rid of disappointments and figure out a bright way to move on.

Miami is a large investment in terms of four years or more of your life and thousands of dollars. It’s not just a matter of chasing a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, but it’s a serious matter of pursuing your passion. It’s not just for you to earn more money in the future, but is helping you leading a enriched life. “Education has become a prisoner of contemporaneity. It is the past, not the dizzy present, that is the best door to the future,” Camille Paglia said. 

I am looking forward to summer’s coming. Life has been rainy and cloudy; it needs sun to widely shine every corner and to chase the darkness far away. Life has also been boring and dull; it needs sun to wake up people’s vigor and hope. “O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Shelley asked. I know, summer is close at hand.