Jim Bodmer, jimbodmer@juno.com

The Miami University student body should be ashamed of themselves for the way they did NOT act at Feb. 1’s Eastern Michigan basketball game.

We all know that attendance is miserable at best. Those of us who are still season ticket holders suffer along with everyone else when the team is not doing well.

However, this game gave us a good example of how the students acted and how they should act. At the start of the game, there were more than the usual numbers of students in attendance.

Then after a slow start, most of the students in the north end left at halftime. Now for the rest of the story. Miami’s comeback was one of the most exciting events in Millett Hall in years.

Those who left missed “the whole game.” But, there was a group of about 25 young kids sitting behind the Miami basket who knew how to act. They were between the ages of second and fifth graders.

With the aid of one of the Miami cheerleaders, they became more excited and vocal than the entire of the arena. They never stopped (like the “Cameron Crazies” at Duke University) and even rushed the floor after the win. I am certain that the team noticed them and it caused them to play harder. Where were the Miami students to encourage the team?

These kids should be invited back to each of the remaining games, and maybe given an award at the post-season banquet.

Again, where were the Miami students?