Associated Student Government (ASG) met this week to wrap up remaining business for the 2011 year and also to prepare for the coming term.

During the meeting, a proposal was made to release midterm grades not only for first-year students, but for all. The current midterm grade report policy only applies to first-year students, meaning there is no requirement for students to be able to view midterm grades if they are not first-year students.

This would give all students the ability to view their grades, knowing their performance halfway through the semester.

While this proposal would be beneficial to students, The Miami Student editorial board supports achieving a similar outcome through different means.

This board believes that if students are concerned for their grades, they should be able to ask their professor their grade at any point in the semester, and within a definite amount of time the professor should be able to give it to them.

It is crucial for teachers to put their time and effort into grading accurately, but not as crucial as it is for them to put time and effort into their course curriculum and teaching ability. Professors have their hands full already — there is a difference in grading scantron tests, but another if everything is graded by hand for a large group of students.

Students should utilize faculty office hours more if they are really concerned about their grade. It is the responsibility of the professor to provide as much information as they can, but students should also share the responsibility and take initiative.

It would also be beneficial to any student if professors could at least get some sort of grade list or “standing” in the class before the final withdraw date for classes.

The important part of professors’ job is teaching — yes, it is essential for students to know their grade but professors and students should both correspond, utilizing the best way to distribute grades for their particular course.