Michael Woeste, woestemf@gmail.com

Elections for student body president and vice president foster a field of candidates, which has presented us with platforms and policies that have the potential to lead the students to a better university. Among the field, there is one ticket that proves to have confidence and action within a platform of realistic policies for the students. Presidential candidate Charlie Schreiber and Vice-Presidential candidate Courtney Bernard’s “Empower Miami” platform is a catalyst for action that taps the resources and will of the Miami student body for the betterment of the university.

Through the course of hearing Charlie and Courtney sell their platform in the debates and campaign forums, what I have found astonishing is that the “Empower Miami” platform has constructed policy initiatives that are capable for implementation within a single term administration. Additionally, the Schreiber/Bernard ticket reflects what the typical Miami University student wants from their student government. It is not a platform of lofty policies that are misunderstood by the average student, but a platform designed to serve the students through ASG.

The “Empower Miami” platform goes directly to the heart of issues on this campus that other tickets do not touch. A platform that touches issues paramount to the service of students on this campus. Its initiatives to make this campus safer for all students, appreciation for diversity, and advancement of students taking pride in the work they do inside and outside of the classroom. Their landmark promotion issues such as social, scholarship, sustainabilityand safety all touch on policies that every Miami student looks to when considering the betterment of this university.

Charlie and Courtney believe that this campus has students who have the potential to make the Miami University community better, and a student government that is filled with the ability to serve the student on this campus. The message of Charlie and Courtney genuinely show that they are the bridge between this divide. Their platform reflects the fact that students will have ability to see their interest put into policy through a Schreiber/Bernard administration.

It is no surprise that the Schreiber/Bernard ticket has constructed a platform of service to the students because it reflects the narrative of Charlie and Courtney. Presidential and vice presidential candidates have a combined total of involvement in twenty-five different student organizations between them. Furthermore, they have showed themselves as leaders within those organizations. Look at their experience, and you will see that both Charlie and Courtney are within the fabric of the Miami student body that no other ticket can lay claim to.

Their connection to the students of the university only furthers the expla nation for their call to service. They show passion for the students that other tickets do not wear on their sleeves. Charlie and Courtney want to ensure that all students are reaping the benefits and services of the university and the student government. The “Empower Miami” ticket has the ability to tap the resources and leadership already within ASG only for the benefit for the students they serve. Charlie and Courtney seek to execute every branch of ASG for the advancement of student life at Miami.

While other tickets may be critical of a Schreiber/Bernard ticket because of their “lack of experience” within ASG, it should be noted that experience boasted by other tickets do not necessarily translate into the ability to act. Sitting as a member of ASG should not be considered requisite experience to hold the seat of Student Body President. I have full confidence that the energy, involvement and initiative put forth by the Schreiber/Bernard ticket is requisite experience enough to serve the students of Miami.

“Empower Miami” binds a true, student-oriented platform that reflects the will of those they wish to serve with a robust and effective Associated Student Government. Charlie and Courtney have clearly shown that they can engage in dialogue with the students, administration and the student government in order to bring the needs of the students to the forefront of conversations. Charlie and Courtney bring a genuine passion and concern for the student body with their campaign, and take pride in the fact that they want to be a representation of the university. They take ownership of a platform that touches every student on this campus, and especially those who have been underrepresented within the university through the past few years. They truly see a university rich in tradition and full of potential, and wish to bring about concrete initiative that can be seen directly by students within their term.