Tom and Kathy Romano,

Mitt Romney said that if President Barack Obama is re-elected to the presidency then we will have four more years of the last four years. We believe that if Romney is elected, we will have four more years of the eight years before President Obama was elected in 2008. Does anyone who isn’t wealthy want George Bush’s Republican regime again?

Remember those years? Two wars, thousands of American deaths, economic collapse because of deregulation of banks, tax cuts for people who do not need them, increasing difficulty for students seeking higher education.

Under President Obama’s administration, the United States has added jobs for the last 29 months. It’s not enough jobs, for sure, but it’s far better than losing jobs, which is what happened during the last Republican administration.

And there is this: a year ago President Obama sent a jobs bill (The American Jobs Act) to Congress. This bill would employ a million jobless Americans. The Republican controlled Congress has not passed that bill nor has it sent an alternative job bill to the White House.

Of course, to create such a bill, Congress would have had to compromise-Republicans, Democrats and Independents working together to create something for the good of our country. The Republican controlled congress, however, is not interested in the good of country. It is interested in booting President Obama out of office.

Some might say, “That’s politics.” We say, “No, that’s irresponsible. That’s insensitive to Americans’ suffering. That’s unpatriotic.”

We also say, “Re-elect President Obama.”