Shannon Pesek,

Forrest McGuire is many things; he is a candidate for student body president. He is the current chief of staff of the Associated Student Government (ASG), working directly with our current student body president. He is the former president of Chi Psi fraternity. He has drafted legislation that is now the basis for his competition’s platform. Forrest McGuire is a leader.

His resume alone, and the experience he brings to this university, qualifies him for the presidency two times over. However, his understanding of the workings of our student government is not his most admirable characteristic, and is not the reason why I believe in his campaign.

Forrest McGuire is a role model. His dedication, his drive and his devotion are the endearing qualities that make him my choice for student body president. All of these characteristics render Forrest a role model in every sense of the word. He brings these characteristics into everything he does, and he will do so as your student body president.

In the three years I have known Forrest, he has demonstrated these characteristics in our friendship, and my admiration and respect for him grows everyday. Forrest’s devotion to those he mentors, those he loves and everyone he meets, correlates directly to his devotion to this university and every student here.

I look up to Forrest McGuire.

Our student body president, the one who will write legislation, represent their fellow students and dedicate this next year to these students, should be someone you look up to, someone you respect and admire. That man is Forrest McGuire. He has the irrefutable experience, which leaves the resumes of his competition in the dust, but most importantly, he is whole-heartedly devoted to Miami University and its students.

This Wednesday and Thursday, vote McGuire-Kwarteng and vote for two people who have not only proven their dedication, drive and devotion to this university, but to every student here. Vote for two gentleman who are truly role models at Miami University.