Yixiong Qin, qiny3@muohio.edu

Last semester, I always forgot to bring my ID card with me, so I had to ask my Residence Assistant (RA) to open my dormitory’s door. What made this experience notable is I almost asked them to do this favor more than 30 times. If I apply this experience to this semester’s ID policy, then I would have spent $210 for having my door opened — money I could spend to buy a new academic book or hang out with my friends many times. The behavior that someone often forgets to bring his or her ID card with them is also very common among college students. Therefore, I doubt the purpose of the “Open Door” policy. Is Miami University in need of money so badly to authorize this policy or is it based on some other convincing reasons? Also, I want to address that I have already asked my RA to open my door twice just in the first week of this semester. Consequently, if I don’t change my behavior then I’m definitely going to be a good donator to Miami due to this policy. In conclusion, I don’t see how this policy is that persuasive to put into practice.