Editorial Board

The University of Missouri—Miami University game change for the 2012 football season set in motion speculations regarding breach of contract, ambiguity on spending and a few lingering questions about the consequences for our team.

Initially, Missouri was set to face off against Miami Sept. 22 as part of a deal in which Miami would play two games in Columbia and Missouri would play one game in Oxford.

However, Missouri had to cancel the game because they underwent conference realignment from the Big 12 to the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in which the SEC scheduled them to play South Carolina on that same date.

Because Miami will reschedule this game, technically there is no breach of contract. The editorial board of The Miami Student believes that although the situation is a bit embarrassing for Miami, there is no dire consequence for the football team.

Because the team is likely to reschedule with another team with less prominence than Missouri, Miami finds itself in a bind with ticket sales and possible televised promotion.

Yet Miami’s schedule isn’t changing as drastically as some other schools; as unfortunate as it is to say, Miami also doesn’t really have an ego to bruise in the long run with our football team, as evidenced by typically paltry attendance at games.

Missouri is also helping Miami find a replacement game by getting Miami in touch with different schools in addition to helping us financially. Miami Athletic Director Brad Bates also believes this change will most likely not impact recruiting since the majority of Miami’s games next season will be televised.

The editorial board of The Miami Student commends Missouri for helping us in any way they can to fix this schedule setback, and for the university’s further cooperation. As Miami prepares for the 2012 season, athletics is confident it will find a team to fill out the remainder of their schedule.