Editorial Board

Every day, people are fighting to put food on the table.

A recent study conduced by Feeding America indicates that in Ohio alone, over 2 million people are unable to meet the food needs of their households.

This number is just under 20 percent of the state population. There is no question that students and community members are aware of the fact that people are going hungry.

It is easy to acknowledge the existence of the problem, especially when you substitute statistics for faces.

As students in the “Miami bubble” it is easy to stop there.

The Miami Student editorial board applauds The Oxford Community Choice Food Pantry (OCCFP) for its daily service, and would like to highlight Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week as a springboard for students to become more involved in the fight against hunger.

During this week, the Office of Community Engagement and Service will join forces with Housing and Dining Services to host Pledge-A-Meal, an event that will allow students to use their meal plans to donate a meal to a person who may be going without one.

The Oxford United Methodist Church is hosting Empty Bowls, sponsored by Miami’s art department.

The board urges students to take these opportunities to help everyone achieve the basic human right of a full stomach.

We also hope that these opportunities will only be the start, that students will create more avenues to address this issue all year round.

We urge students to be thankful for the things that we take for granted every day.

Think about how easy it is go grab a bite to eat at Hanes Food Court or Bell Tower or Uptown.

Think about how much money we spend at bars on weekends (paying cover just to go inside and pay more for drinks?).

Nearly one third of children in the Talawanda School District are receiving food aid.

We’re not advocating that students stop exercising the privileges they have, just that they take the time to appreciate the opportunities that we all have.

How much good could we do if one Uptown bar charged a can of food as cover?

Remember that a world exists beyond Kroger.

Remember that there are people suffering in our community, and remember that we have the ability to make a great change here.

We urge students to organize and to be conscientious citizens.