Editorial Board

This semester the University Honors Program’s Assistant Director of Admissions and Alumni Relations David Sheehan and Miami University junior Andrew Hayes implemented a new campus tour and scavenger hunt system for prospective honors students.

High school seniors who have been accepted into the honors program at Miami for next fall completed a scavenger hunt that led them around campus.

Students used smart phones to scan the Quick Response (QR) codes at various places around campus, which gave them a video clue about where to go next.

In past years the scavenger hunt received negative feedback and had not been technology-based, instead using clues placed in envelopes taped around campus.

The editorial board of The Miami Student commends the university for trying this new system as a way to show students around campus.

Technology is becoming more prevalent than ever, and although not every person has a smart phone, the majority of people are using tools such as QR codes in everyday situations.

This initiative was a collaboration between Sheehan and Hayes and acted as Hayes’ final project for the honors program.

The editorial board applauds student involvement in the creation of various projects for prospective students.

This project is a good example of the university and students working together.

This new, technology based self-guided tour could help future students in their decision to come to Miami by hearing about the school from the perspective of a current student.

Although the scavenger hunt is currently only available to future honors students, the university should consider making this a choice for all prospective students, in addition to going on guided tours.

Oftentimes a tour can sway a student’s decision to attend a school or not.

If students had the choice between the scavenger hunt working with other students or going on a guided tour, this could help them make a better decision about coming to Miami in the fall.

Overall, this project is a good bonding experience for future students.

It encourages teamwork, responsibility and exploration in finding your own way around your new school.

Experiences like these can help prepare students for the experiences they will have in college and will give them a taste of what to expect when they come to Miami.