Chris DeNicola, Columnist

This is the time of year when final projects are looming, exams are hanging over your head and plans are being made for summer jobs and internships.

It’s the time of year when you’re too busy to eat, you don’t have time to sleep and you feel like your head is going to burst open in front of everyone at King Library. Caffeine binges are what’s keeping you from falling apart at the seams after pulling rounds of all nighters just so you can catch up on the work you didn’t get done during the semester and cram for the exams you have.

It’s brutal all the work that goes into the last weeks of school and it doesn’t help that the rainfall here could rival that of the rainy seasons in tropical climate. All in all I know my schedule is full with things that need to get done and yet all I want to do is watch Harry Potter.

Yes, I said it and I realize I risk being made fun of, but it’s true. The final Harry Potter movie has been taking up more space on my mental hard drive than most of my classes recently.

Maybe it’s the idea of escape into some place so ridiculous that you can really get away from all the stress in school. Maybe it’s the fact that I just want to see how the end plays out on screen (after reading the books I know what happens).

Or maybe Harry Potter is really just my subconscious telling me that sometimes you have to take a step back from everything you’re doing and take some time for yourself, so you don’t end up crashing and burning from all that you’ve taken on this year. It doesn’t help that the rainfall here could rival that of the rainy seasons in tropical climate and we’ve been cooped up in doors.

Perhaps its nostalgia reminding me of simpler times when I was younger and started reading the books. Looking back on how easy grade school was almost makes me want to go back there and start the whole Potter series over again.

I remember waiting for the latest books to come out so I could read what happened next. When the movies came out you were able to see what cinematic magic can do to bring the world alive. Whatever it is I just find myself thinking about it rather than trying to study.

I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat. Not necessarily with the Harry Potter thing. But many of you are probably looking back on simpler times and wishing you could go back to them especially in the midst of realizing how close we all are to the real world.

Whether it’s your favorite movie or book or childhood game, or maybe even the friend’s house you used to hang out at over the summer, chances are you’re trying to suppress your thoughts of nostalgia too.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure what it is I’m trying to say. Maybe I’m saying to just let yourself daydream in the middle of all your work.

Maybe I’m trying to say don’t sweat all the stuff you have going on. Or maybe I’m just rambling because once again, I’m finding my mind wandering from my work. Whatever it is, I’m over it. I’m sure I had a good point.