Kyle Sebbio,

I would like to express my displeasure that the editors of The Miami Student published a ‘thumbs down’ in the Your Rule of Thumb section in the April 8 issue stating, “increasing cost per credit hour for Farmer School of Business (FSB) courses for ‘better professors’ when the FSB professors are actually worse.” The Miami Student website states, “we will not publish anything offensive or demeaning.” Not only is this offensive to the entire faculty and staff of the Farmer School, it is offensive to every current business student and alumni.

In the latest Businessweek rankings, released in March 2011, the Farmer School of Business ranks 22nd in the country and seventh among public universities. With a 16.7 student to faculty ratio, the faculty was awarded an ‘A+’ in the Teacher Quality Grade category. The Farmer School did not receive these ratings by accident. It received them because of the hard work, expertise and dedication to students that the 177 faculty members display.

As a senior business student who will be graduating in May, I credit the faculty of the Farmer School for the outstanding education that I received. Without the challenges given to me by the faculty and the knowledge that they were able to pass on, I would probably not be graduating having secured a full-time position in my field nor with the confidence that my education has prepared me for my career. We are all lucky to have the faculty that we do.

I hope that editors of The Miami Student are more careful the next time they are considering printing something that is offensive to any member of the Miami community.