Tom Kirkham,

Miami Students,

It is with complete confidence that I hereby endorse Charlie Schreiber in this week’s Student Body President election.

In the years that I have known Charlie, he has never backed down from an important issue. He fights for what he believes in and will do anything that it takes to realize his goals. Some leaders have great personalities and other leaders have the ability to get things done. Charlie truly possesses both of those qualities. He manages to achieve real results, while also being the nicest, friendliest person in the room.

When I met Charlie Schreiber, my first thought was, “There is no way anyone can be that happy and friendly all the time.” Now, more than two years later, I could not have been more wrong. Charlie’s contagious personality and intense work ethic make me entirely confident supporting him for this position

I applaud Charlie’s realization that many issues cannot be accomplished in a single year. Too often, elected representatives fall into the trap of reaching for unattainable goals and allowing real opportunity to fall by the wayside.

Instead of choosing one area and implementing a complicated strategy that will take years to develop, Charlie and Courtney have found areas for attainable improvement. They seek goals that can actually be accomplished during a one-year term.

Beyond a doubt, I know that Charlie Schreiber will be a successful Student Body President. He possesses not only the personality and work ethic of a great leader, but the vision as well.

Charlie has my complete confidence and respect, and I ask you to empower him with the ability to empower all of you.

Love and Honor,

Tom Kirkham

President of the Student Senate, 2011-2012