Editorial Board

This year, Miami University’s Honors Program decided to follow the technology update from Blackboard to Niihka by creating the Honor’s Hub.

This site is a newly renovated Honors Program homepage for students and facilitates easy access to program information and news.

The Miami Student editorial board believes that this is tangible evidence of the Honors Program’s efforts to listen to student feedback, and we appreciate this effort.

The renovation of the website into an Honor’s Hub is an example of the Honors Program paying attention to the complaints of students regarding the exasperating aspects of the program.

We appreciate the effort to combat these complaints, and feel that if the website remains updated and consistent, it will be a very helpful resource for honors students.

The question of consistency is a crucial one, however, due to the Honors Program’s history of frequent changes.

Honors Program requirements have not remained consistent from year to year and the methods the program uses to convey these requirements to students is not always effective.

For honors students, this can be highly frustrating.

Many honors students have been assigned a different Honors advisor every year, which can be confusing for both the student and the advisor.

Members of the editorial board have experienced the frustration of going to a new advisor who is unfamiliar with the student’s academic record.

While a website should not take the place of an advisor, we hope the site will help students organize their requirements between advisor visits.

We hope this site is being promoted among honors students, as we believe it will allow honors students to have one simple resource for their honors materials.

It will certainly alleviate some of the confusion that has plagued the Honors Program in the last few years.

We understand that any new program has kinks that must be ironed out and only time will tell how much students benefit from the changes.

We also know academia is not static and that programs must change to survive and improve. The Honors Program strives to be at the forefront of this progress, and we support the Honors Program’s changes for the better. We believe these changes must be effectively conveyed to students.