Jon Mohler,

Saying that Ms. Blair’s article disgusted and disappointed me would be a gross understatement. The title itself should set off red flags in every reader’s mind. Unjust? That word…. it doesn’t mean what you think it means. She and the student knowingly violated a rule, and they were caught and punished. Last I checked that’s textbook justice. Whether or not she agrees with the rule is irrelevant. That’s no different than a drunken first-year arguing that he or she was “unjustly” arrested for drinking underage because they believe the drinking age should be lowered, or someone being “unjustly” ticketed for speeding because they thought the speed limit should be raised. Don’t want fined? Then don’t give someone else your parking pass that is clearly parked as “NON-TRANSFERABLE.” Faculty and students here also seem to have a hard time understanding that paying tuition covers exactly that – tuition. Simple. And just as simply, any additional fees you incur are just that, additional. You are not entitled to as much food as you can shove into your backpack at whatever dining hall in which you find yourself, and you are certainly not exempt from parking fees because you pay for tuition.

As for her slurs against Mr. McDonald, she should be ashamed of herself. Mr. McDonald has a thankless job, and all he did was carry out that job. The naivety, condescension, and pretentiousness with which she wrote is characteristic of everything I have come to expect from faculty and students at this university over the past four years.