Miami University’s tuition costs are rising as enrollment numbers remain, for the most part, level. Intercollegiate athletics is the most expensive department for student general fee costs, and general fees also pay for athletic scholarships. Miami stands out amongst NCAA Division I schools because it uses a large amount of its general fees, collected from students, to pay for athletics.

The editorial board of The Miami Student supports the athletic program at Miami because it is an important part of campus life. The athletic scholarships attract many talented, deserving athletes who otherwise would go to university programs that are often more successful and built-up. In a perfect world, Miami athletics would be able to build strong programs that train athletes to compete on-par with larger schools.

However, Miami athletics have been struggling for years to bring in revenue and fans, and the failing university budget simply cannot support multiple world-class athletic programs. Although Miami athletics bring in more revenue than many people think, Miami must look into other methods to raising funds. A modest $2 ticket fee for popular events might be a start. The inclusion of this small fee, which should be payable with Mulaa, would help raise much-needed funds.

Athletic scholarship appropriation also concerns us. Football has a very high number of full-ride scholarships; much higher than any other program. This board believes the valuable general fees, generated from student costs, should not fuel such a high percentage of athletic scholarships. The scholarships should be spread around more evenly, and should go to those athletes most indispensible for their respective programs and the athletics department at large.

This board would like to see more academic scholarships given to deserving athletes. If the general fees fund athletic scholarships, they should support athletes who are not only talented on the field, but hardworking in the classroom. General fees are meant to support activities that enhance your college experience and by supporting more athletes that are athletically and intellectually gifted, Miami will continue to attract some of the best and brightest students.