Editorial Board

Miami University Associated Student Government (ASG) introduced a bill supporting a medical emergency assistance program, which would offer amnesty from prosecution to students who seek medical assistance for severe intoxication.

The bill states if an underage student is severely intoxicated on-campus, they can call for medical assistance for themselves or another person who is intoxicated.

The intoxicated student will receive protection from university and police prosecution, so long as they cooperate with officials.

However, they must pay for an alcohol education course and evaluation through the Office of Student Wellness.

The editorial board of The Miami Student commends ASG for taking the initiative and implementing this bill.

The board feels the safety and well-being of Miami students is of utmost importance and this bill strives to ensure that.

While we do not encourage underage drinking, we feel students should feel comfortable seeking medical assistance under any circumstance and at any time.

The university is well aware of the dangerous drinking behavior underage students engage in and we feel while this amnesty will not deter risky drinking practices, it will ensure students can get the help they need.

We also understand that college is a learning process and that students mature and learn safer behaviors throughout their years here.

This bill also helps Miami get on the same track as the city of Oxford, which proposed a similar amnesty plan at the beginning of the academic year.

The board advises students to be responsible and to not look at this bill as a free pass to drink underage.

Students must be held accountable for their actions, but, in the end, their safety is most important.