Jenna Yates, For The Miami Student

This fall, student employment applications will join the digital world.

Instead of trekking across campus to pick up multiple paper applications for jobs, students will be able to apply online to work on-campus.

Kate Stoss, director of compensation, employment and technology, said the application is a combination of job applications compiled from a variety of departments.

According to Stoss, the website will look very similar to the current website for job listings but will be tailored specifically toward student employment.

Stoss said the new website will pull together all employment opportunities for students.

“Some departments do not post centrally, they post on their own websites,” Stoss said.

The website will streamline student employment and make it a lot easier for students to find opportunities as well as save the department time on paperwork, Stoss said.

“For student employment, it should save us quite a bit of time,” Stoss said. “Right now, the system requires us to do paperwork. By this new system, we will get all the transactions electronically.”

According to Stoss, the website will be a much more effective way to communicate with student employees.

“We also hope that making all these transactions electronic, we will be able to use a workflow tailored into banner,” Stoss said. “That will save our department a lot of time.”

Stoss said there are other universities that use an electronic system.

“A lot of universities use People Admin,” Stoss said.

According to Stoss, People Admin is an online human resources system that tracks talent management, application management and performance management. Unlike Miami University’s current system, People Admin is also used for staff employment.

According to Pat Brown, a sophomore at University of Kentucky, his school already uses this system.

Brown said students can fill out an online application and wait to see if they are placed in a position.

“It is a good idea, but you rarely get feedback,” Brown said.

Matt Hopp, a junior at Miami, said a common application would make things much easier and believes that finding a job on Miami’s campus is relatively easy.

“If you look hard enough, I think you can find a job on this campus,” Hopp said.

Stoss said the departments would be able to utilize this tool for all student employment.

“We are going to have all the departments use this website,” Stoss said. “They’ll be able to send all their requests for student employment.”

Stoss said this website will be up and running in the fall.

“Right now, we are in the testing phase,” Stoss said.

According to Stoss, the university is trying to finalize the process, but the website will be up and running by the time fall employment application starts.