Catherine Couretas

Miami University students who choose not to invest in a colored semester parking permit now have another option for on-campus parking. Beginning this semester, the North Campus Garage is open to students during the day without a regular university permit.

Previously, students could not park hourly in the garage before 5 p.m. or purchase a monthly access pass providing unlimited daytime parking without a valid university permit. The permit requirement has been lifted for students for the first time since the garage’s opening in July 2008.

Students now have the option of metered parking during the day at a rate of 50 cents per hour with a $5 daily maximum. They may also choose to purchase the $25 monthly access pass, which Perry Gordon, director of parking and transportation services, said saves money and is a great option for students. Students may also purchase an overnight permit for $75 per month, according to Gordon.

“I think these will be significant options for off-campus students,” Gordon said. “We’re optimistic they’re going to find this an attraction.”

Gordon said the only catch is the inability to park anywhere else on campus if you choose to only purchase the North Campus Garage permits.

“If they wanted to park in any other campus parking lot, they would need to have the regular student parking permit,” Gordon said of those with solely the garage permits. “If you parked anywhere else on campus, you’d be subject to citation.”

Jonathan McNabb, student body president, said he thought this was a great resource for students, especially those using the Farmer School of Business, the Psychology Building, the Engineering building and others in close proximity to the garage.

“Students are going to benefit tremendously from that option, especially when it’s snowing or they’re running late to class,” McNabb said. “For only 50 cents an hour it’s a great facility and it helps the university.”

McNabb said he also thought it would greatly benefit those living off-campus.

“At the end of the day, I’m glad they made the decision,” McNabb said. “It will make students’ lives so much easier.”

Matthew Ciccone, Associated Student Government (ASG) secretary for off-campus affairs, agreed.

“I think that these lots needed to be designed for off-campus students,” Ciccone said. “That wasn’t happening at all when they were designed.”

Ciccone added it is a great option for off-campus students to come on campus during the day, as well as for commuter students.

“This year is really when it became an obvious problem that you have this beautiful parking area and no one’s using it,” Ciccone said.

Students wanting to park a car solely in the North Campus Garage will need to purchase both the monthly access card or pay the hourly rate during the day, in addition to the overnight permit for the ability to park their car 24/7 in that particular garage.

For more information, visit, the Parking Services office at 128 Campus Avenue Building or call (513) 529-8535.