Ann Koblenzer and Morgan Riedl

The four years spent in college are supposed to be challenging, rewarding and exciting. Students should be involved in activities and organizations they are passionate about and surround themselves with people who challenge previous conceptions. It is also important for students to voice opinions about the current state of their university, community or nation. Students have a variety of tools at their disposal to develop educated opinions and share a duty to share their views with others.

The Miami Student can be one outlet for students to have their voices heard. The editorial section is two pages of just that – students voicing their opinions. Columnists, essayists, cartoonists and those who write letters are all using the section for its ideal intent. An outlet to question authority, challenge the norm and raise questions about accepted ideas.

If you, the readers, are passionate about a university policy or have reactions to the content of our paper, let us know. We not only welcome your comments, but we need them to continue working to improve our paper to best serve our readers and our world.

Ann Koblenzer and Morgan RiedlEditorial Editors