ASG bill supports use of chalk advertising

Miami University student senate unanimously passed a bill Tuesday in support of allowing student organizations to utilize chalk advertising. The bill, co-authored by Matthew Forrest, off-campus senator, and Meghan Wadsworth, Anderson Hall senator, acknowledged the aid sidewalk chalk is to student organizations as an inexpensive, creative form of expression and publicity, and it proposes that chalking be permissible as a moderated, supervised act.

The bill stated a need for a balance between unregulated chalk use and an altogether ban on chalk, and it suggested a trial period be implemented during which chalking would be allowed on certain sidewalks, i.e., Slantwalk, in front of King Library, in front of the Tri Delta Sundial and on the patio behind Shriver Center, and during which it would be regulated by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership.

The bill calls for a process, similar to reserving showcases in Shriver Center, where student organizations would be required to reserve sections of sidewalk on which to chalk. Forrest will consult Katie Wilson, senior director of student engagement, sponsor of the bill, about the next step toward their ultimate goal of having Miami’s Student Handbook amended to allow chalking with the specified stipulations.

The bill will now be sent to the Campus Planning Council and Student Affairs Council before going back to student senate with revisions made by the two administrative groups. University senate will then debate and vote on the bill, and if it passes, the student handbook will be amended accordingly. Forrest predicts no action will be taken until next semester.

Students may migrate e-mail accounts to Google

Miami undergraduate students can now activate their new Miami e-mail and calendar account, muConnect powered by Google.

Some advantages of the new e-mail/calendar system include a lifetime e-mail account through the university, greater storage capacity and ability to collaborate with the Miami student community through Google services such as a chat feature and document sharing.

Students can self-migrate voluntarily until January 4, 2011, at which point students will be required to switch to the new system. Students who activate the new account before April 23 will be entered in a drawing for a Google backpack and Google T-shirts.

IT Services will be available to help students activate the new account and migrate messages from the old account from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, April 15 in the Bystrom-Reid Room of the Shriver Center and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, April 16 in the Benjamin Harrison Room of the Shriver Center. Students should bring their own laptop to the sessions.

Instructions for activating the new e-mail account on one’s own can be found at IT Help also has instructions for migrating mail at For help or to ask questions, students can call the support desk at (513)529-7900.