Hannah Stein, Senior Staff Writer

With all the organizations on campus, there is an outlet for nearly all conceivable interests. Soon there will be another addition to Miami University’s extensive list of organizations, the Interactive Design Association (IxDA).

IxDA is a new media association that brings together a group of students and adults who are in, or interested in, the interactive design profession.

The founder of the Miami chapter, senior Rikki Teeters, said the profession of design “ranges anything from graphic design to psychologists. They design things for people, the iPhone for example,” she said. “It only has one button to use and is all icons.”

The organization is internationally recognized with over 15,000 members and over 80 local chapters. The Miami chapter is nationally recognized, although hasn’t been recognized by Associated Student Government, Teeters said. The organization hopes to receive funding and be official by January.

“We’re kind of a sitting club right now,” Teeters said. “But there’s another organization similar to ours that got funding quickly, so hopefully we’ll be official by January.”

Despite other media organizations on campus, IxDA is different than others and will benefit students planning to enter that profession, Teeters said.

“I noticed a need for it,” she said. “Because I’ve been doing a lot of interviews, I’ve realized there’s a lot we don’t learn in our classes here and I hope that this will be able to bridge that gap.”

Teeters said she hopes this will teach students more about the professional world, especially in the interactive design profession.

Some of the benefits members will receive include the opportunity to speak with people who have already excelled in the profession. The organization’s faculty adviser, Jim Coyle, said he knows the career itself is a fast-growing industry and the Miami chapter will only help the growth of the organization and students.

“This is a professional industry that’s going to give us the opportunity to bring in speakers from the field which will really enhance what we’re trying to teach in the classrooms,” Coyle, said.

One event already in the works for the club is a career fair, Teeters said, that will be geared more towards students in the interactive design profession.

“The actual career fair is mainly for business majors,” she said. “It will be the same thing, only more towards interactive design.”

Coyle agreed the separate career fair will be beneficial.

“Having a career fair focused on industries that offer students opportunities whether it’s internships or full time positions will be beneficial,” he said.

Another event the club has already organized is a Skype conference with some of the branding people from Family Guy, Teeters said.

There are already several students interested in the club and some students believe it would be a great opportunity for majors related to interactive design to gain practice and information.

“I think that sounds great,” sophomore graphic design major Colleen Griffiths, said. “I would love to learn more about this as it would be a great opportunity to practice design projects.”

Between the networking of both Teeters and Coyle, IxDA will be able to provide opportunities to students who plan on entering the interactive design profession, whether it be networking, finding an internship or conferences with prominent people in the industry.