Billy Rafael, Arts & Entertainment Editor

While you would be hard pressed to find a Miami University student who is not sick of the construction on campus, this week brings the unveiling of one of the new additions, the Maplestreet Station. Located on Southeast Quad, students living in surrounding dorms will be particularly happy about this, as it comes with the opening of seven new dining options.

“I think the students will enjoy the variety of food choices along with the long hours at Maplestreet,” senior student manager McKenzie McDonald said. “We offer seven different restaurants that house a multitude of different gourmet and simple dining options.”

Beginning this week, four of the seven dining options in Maplestreet will be open for business:

Red Brick Pizza: 18″ pizza pies available by the slice.

Delish: a submarine sandwich shop allowing you to design your own creation.

Encounter: an upscale burger, fries and shake place where diners write their order on a slip at their table.

Patisserie: an a la carte pastry and sweets shop that will also serve coffee.

The remaining three options, which are set to open soon, are:

First Stop: offering breakfast all day, First Stop is the only full-service restaurant of the group, where diners will be seated by a hostess and place their order from a menu.

Pacific Rim: featuring a tandoori oven, diners will be able to choose from a slew of Eastern Asian cuisines.

Americas: not American foods in the “burger and hot dogs” sense, but rather Americas will serve a variety of foods from North, Central and South America, including rotisserie chicken and a salsa bar.

According to senior student manager Leo Massenkeil, students will be able to use their meal plans at all seven locations. The hours for each options vary, but First Stop and Patisserie will be open from morning until evening, while the others will be available for specific meal times.

“I think Red Brick Pizza is going to be the new favorite pizza available on campus,” Massenkeil said. “I’m a New Yorker and I know my pizza. They’re gigantic slices and just fill you up.”

Students are also getting excited for the opening of the new facilities. Sophomore Doug Sluka, who is living in the new Etheridge Hall this year, is looking forward to the convenience of having so many choices right next door.

“I’m excited for the new restaurants to open, especially with Scott half-closed right now,” Sluka said. “I’ve been watching them work on them and they look really nice. It looks like there will be quite a few options.”

Those interested can stop by and check out the new options and be watching for the opening of the final three.