Carmen Wymer, For The Miami Student

One of Student Health Services newest hires, the director of the Student Health Center, Dr. Michelle Naegele, brings in 15 years of experience after working in McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital’s emergency department.

Naegele said she came to Miami University in July to help improve Student Health Services and its collaboration with McCullough-Hyde.

Since she started working at the health center, Naegele has observed several changes, one being quicker service. Bedside tests, such as mononucleosis and strep tests, were previously sent to a lab to be analyzed. In addition, physicians are now allowed to conduct urine tests in their own offices, which makes the process faster, according to Naegele.

“We would like to improve [students’] experience by having their time spent here go a bit quicker,” Naegele said.

The health center’s hours have been extended Mondays and Wednesdays. Previously open until 5 p.m., the doors now close 7 p.m. It is also now open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Naegele said students are filling extended hours quickly and Saturday appointments have become particularly popular.

“[The Student Health Center] is such a valuable resource to the students and we want to be more accessible to them,” Naegele said. “We want to make sure that students know that it’s here for them.”

The changes were made without the need to hire additional staff. Naegele said this was only possible due to the quality of the current staff, two physicians and four nurse practitioners.

“This is a very kind-hearted, very experienced, quality staff,” she said. “The staff that makes the health department up is what makes it unique.”

Janae Arno, Student Health Services’ practice manager, said Naegele is taking great initiative as their new director. Naegele even makes herself available by giving her cell phone number to staff and personnel. Arno said Naegele is quick to address any issues that arise, a characteristic she has not seen in past directors.

“She’s wonderful. She addresses any and all issues immediately… which is something that I’m not used to,” Arno said. “I have had to wait days for a response but I can expect to get a reply [from Naegele] within a day.”

Sophomore Sarah Bohn went to the Student Health Center early last year for a bad cough. She said her experience was brief and effective.

“I went in, got a prescription and I left,” Bohn said. “I would say that minus waiting, the whole appointment lasted about five minutes. With waiting, maybe 15.”

According to Bohn, the medication prescribed took care of her symptoms right away.