Oct. 14, 2010 marks one of the greatest rescue achievements of all time. Thirty-three miners in Chile were trapped inside an underground mining shaft for 69 days. At the beginning of their trouble they only had enough food for about two days. It took nearly three weeks for engineers to drill a small opening that allowed for messages and food to be passed down to the miners. The first message was that all of the miners were alive.

To people watching all around the world this story was incredibly uplifting as all 33 were rescued and returned to their families. Approximately 2,000 feet below the earth’s surface they had to deal with little food and water, little air and a terrible question of whether or not they would make it out alive to see their family and friends.

It is nothing short of a miracle. I’m no miner or engineer, but I know 20, maybe even just 10 years ago, this might not have been the case. The resolve of the miners and the Chilean government as well as support from around the world allowed these miners the chance to get out of the collapsed shaft alive. It was an incredible feat of the human race that all men were returned safely. The efforts of not only those in the rescue mission but also the faith and teamwork the miners were able to show should be praised.

People from all around the world watched this story unfold. It united the hearts and minds of so many different cultures and religions. A sigh of relief has indeed spread throughout the world that these men have all been returned to the earth’s surface to see the light of day once more.

This effort shows people who are united to reach a common goal will reach it if they have the true desire to work together. New technologies and innovations will spur from this inspirational story. Young children who read about the heroic efforts to rescue these men will allow their imagination to further the human race.

These men should be applauded from all around the world. With all of the reality television on today, I know that it is time for stories that have actual merit. These men should be able to tell their stories around the world to inspire us and allow us to remember when life gets tough, or when you feel as though you’re trapped, there is always a solution. There is always hope. They should be allowed to remind us we are all here on this earth to work together to improve the lives of those around us. Let that be the lesson we learn from this truly magnificent story because it truly is a breath of fresh air.