Lisa Reymann, Community Editor

Three young undergraduate students are soon to become entrepreneurs as they prepare to launch a brand new company. First-years Tyler Bubin and Cole Desmond and sophomore Tyler Williams are finalizing plans to open up a new clothing brand called “Oxford and Company” tailored to and inspired by Miami University students.

The idea developed from the style and fashion interest of the student population. Co-founder and chairman of operations in the project Tyler Tubin described it as a company to offer a premium brand of high end clothing to students, similar to brands already widespread around the Oxford campus such as Vineyard Vines and Ralph Lauren.

Inspiration struck when Tubin visited a Miami clothing vendor when he immediately saw an opportunity for unique university apparel.

“Initially, we wanted to make this a store with a presence on campus,” Tubin said. “But we’ve been leaning towards Internet sales due to lack in necessary amount of capital needed to rent space. Right now, we’re developing a webpage and just need to finalize a few more details such as the site coding to get it up and running.”

A beta version of the webpage is currently online.

For the last three months, the students have been working towards the realization of the idea. Williams has been the accountant in charge of funding for the project. According to Williams, an immense amount of effort has gone into the project including completing all the necessary legal fees, paperwork to achieve business licensing, and collecting all the necessary documentation.

Junior Louis Velasquez was very interested when he heard word about the business.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Velasquez said. “I feel every store uptown that caters towards the style of the students does really well, and it’s an overall smart idea.”

The three co-founders have secured a wholesale Cincinnati business to use for the company logo and have contacted various potential clothing vendors to use. Even connections have been built in India and Thailand if outsourcing is needed.

“As we progress, we hope to get a store uptown,” Williams said. “And in long run, we hope our name catches on. We want to be a fundamental value to students, and it’s our goal to make clothes for students similar to us.”

Complete with ambition, business savvy and optimism, the students hope to activate and open the site by the end of February.