Lauren Ceronie, Editor-in-Chief

Miami University’s marching band has been invited to play at the 57th Presidential
Inaugural Parade Jan. 21, 2013. Miami’s marching band was chosen to represent Ohio by
the Presidential Inaugural Committee.
Athletic Band Director Stephen Lytle said he talked to Miami’s administration about
applying to play in the parade in October. Lytle said he decided to apply even though he
believed being chosen was a bit of a “long shot.”
“Then Tuesday morning I was sitting in my office getting some work done and low and
behold I got a phone call,” Lytle said.
After checking with Bruce Murray, chair of the Music Department, James Lentini, dean
of the School of Creative Arts and the President’s Office, Lytle accepted the offer to play
at the Inaugural Parade.
Lytle said he is not sure what songs the marching band will play at the parade, but he
plans to play Miami’s fight song and one other school song along with one or two other
This is the third high profile event Miami music groups have been involved in recently.
Miami’s marching band played in the 2011 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Miami
students preformed at Carnegie Hall Oct. 7.
“I feel really thankful we are in a place that values such experiences and works to make
them happen,” Lytle said. “I’m proud of the work the students do day in and day out.”
Lytle said he has received much positive feedback from members of the marching band.
“We’re very excited but there is still a lot of planning to do,” Lytle said. “The quiet break
has gone away now but that’s OK.”