Michelle Rowley, Staff Writer

Future home of Oxford’s newest Mexican Restuarnt, La Piñata. at 33 E Church Street. The opening date is to be determined. (Richard Mandimika | The Miami Student)

After six months of planning and renovations, La Piñata Mexican Grill & Bar will be added to the long list of Oxford uptown restaurants.

Although there is no set opening date, La Piñata Manager Alfonso Garcia said he would like the restaurant open for graduation and Cinco de Mayo. The location itself is completely renovated and ready for use. The new restaurant is located at 33 E Church St. across the street from the Oxford Presbyterian Church. La Piñata is waiting for a few things such as a restaurant sign before opening, according to Garcia.

Even though there are already two other Mexican restaurants in Oxford, Garcia said La Piñata will be its own, unique restaurant. Garcia said its style is less traditional and more of an American take on Hispanic style. This includes traditionally bright hues of yellow and orange and booths depicting bullfights and rain forest landscapes. Garcia said he believes the vibrancy of the décor will match the atmosphere of the restaurant.

“We want to know how we are doing: your opinion matters because our customers’ experiences are our biggest concern,” Garcia said.

The menu will encompass everyone’s favorite Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, tamales, taco salad and much more. Garcia said managers, cooks and even customer requests inspire dishes. La Piñata will have daily drink specials too.

Alan Kyger, Oxford economic development director, said this new restaurant will give students, residents and visitors more options to choose from uptown.

Garcia said he plans to make his restaurant a part of the community, just as other restaurants uptown already have.

“My idea is to be a part of the city and the community,” Garcia said. “We are trying to understand the students in Oxford because we want them to be comfortable at our restaurant and have fun too.”

Other restaurant locations include Hamilton, Dayton, Centerville and Fort Wright, Ky.

“I wish them success,” Kyger said. “We want to see every business in Oxford be successful.”

Kyger said he thinks the restaurant will be busy regardless of the fact there are two other Mexican restaurants uptown.

Miami University sophomore Maeve Andrews said because of the location, it might be tough to attract as much attention as Fiesta Charra Mexican Restaurant.

“They will definitely have to advertise and get their name out there, but if they do, I think they can be just as successful,” Andrews said.