Ann Koblenzer

Spring break in the Florida panhandle, rocking out at frat parties and drinking too much after seeing an ex are situations many college students can relate to. These are also the focus of country musician Luke Bryan’s songs.

Bryan is returning to Brick Street Bar and Grill for a third time on Thursday to entertain fans and have a good time.

“We love the town, the bar and bar owner,” Bryan said. “We have a blast every time we come.”

Mark Weisman, owner of Brick Street, is looking forward to Bryan’s return.

“Of all the shows we’ve done, he is as good as it gets,” Bryan says.

Bryan said size of venue doesn’t matter as long the audience is excited.

“Every show is a show, as long as we have fans that come out and want to be part of the show,” he said.

Bryan, a Sigma Chi from Georgia Southern University, said his college days are the inspiration for many of his songs. Bryan said he has always wanted top make music tailored to a younger audience.

“College kids want to have a good time,” Bryan said. “I guess I have never really grown up. Playing a lot of Sig Chi parties at Georgia has really affected my music.”

Junior Chrissy Barrett saw Bryan last year at Brick Street and is looking forward to seeing him again on Thursday.

“His concerts are really fun,” Barrett said. “He is young, engaging and energetic and knows how to entertain a crowd.”

Weisman said Bryan is a talented performing and songwriter.

“He connects with the fans,” Weisman said. “He takes it to the next level.”

Bryan is currently working on a second album, hoping to have a single released around April 1. He is also doing a digital college release for spring break.

“I have a couple of songs that are party songs that I think would do really well at some of the bars we have been playing,” he said.

Although his college days are behind him, Bryan said his music hasn’t changed a lot, but his attitude toward the business has.

“My way I approach life and approach each day is working hard,” Bryan said. “I am being smarter about it.”

He said he has grown with his music and hopes it is continually getting better and he is looking forward to the new year.

“Another year on the road, working hard and having a good time,” Bryan said.

Bryan’s ultimate goal is be one of the biggest arts out there and really make a run at winning entertainer of the year.

“I want to be at the highest level of the business and be able to connect with everyone- young and older fans,” he said.