Michelle Rowley, For The Miami Student

A new armored car plant will soon be opening in Fairfield. The O’Gara group, a Cincinnati based security company recently acquired San Antonio, Texas based Protection Devices Inc. According to Greg Cassman, project manager for the company, the number of jobs from the plant will steadily increase to approximately 100 in 2013.

The company signed a lease in Fairfield to open a second plant after it acquired the Texas-based manufacturer of armored vehicles.

Like most areas in the United States, Fairfield has not been immune to the hardships of the recession. Fairfield’s Mayor, Ron D’Epifanio, believes is a great opportunity to boost Fairfield’s economy.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that it will be a positive change,” D’Epifanio said. “There is a great demand for jobs these days, so any additional jobs are great for the community.”

The new plant will be producing non-military cars (primarily SUVs) to be used by government officials, celebrities and other prominent public figures. These vehicles are distributed around the country and provide maximum security and protection, Cassman said.

According to Cassman, the plant is a permanent project. This specific factory is part of the mobile divisions of the O’Gara Group’s strategic business plan. The other two components include training and services sectors for new employees, as well as a sensor systems division (both of which are located elsewhere).

Fairfield, which has a population of 43,000, expands to approximately 100,000 during regular working hours, which makes commuting workers key to the local economy, according to D’Epifanio.

Fairfield was chosen as the site of the plant because it is near I-75 and other major expressways, in addition to being the former location of another plant for Protection Devices Inc., the largest armored vehicle company in America.

Sophomore Maeve Andrews believes any effort to create more jobs is a positive change.

“Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 jobs, anything and everything will really help this small community out,” Andrews said.

“Since more workers means more paying customers at Fairfield businesses,” Andrews said.

Andrews also said it is a great opportunity for the small community of Fairfield to expand in other areas as well.