Tom Segell

Little Caesars Pizza opens near Kroger Tuesday, offering its specialty “Hot-N-Ready” pies.

Pizza vendors like Bruno’s, Domino’s and Papa John’s may have some stiff competition on their plates now that Little Caesars Pizza has officially opened in Oxford.

Little Caesars, located at 522 S. Locust St., celebrated its inaugural day Tuesday, when it opened shop at 2 p.m.

Jimmy Asmar, owner of Oxford’s Little Caesars, said he is anticipating success for the store, widely renowned for its $5 “Hot-N-Ready” pizza pie, which he said he believes will be a hit among Miami University students.

“We wanted to provide exceptional quality to the students of Miami University,” Asmar said. “We use only the freshest ingredients. Our dough is made fresh everyday.”

Asmar said he is relying heavily on Miami students to help Little Caesars prosper and said he would not have opened up a store in Oxford if Miami were not nearby.

“The demographics would have been too light,” Asmar said.

Miami University junior and frequent Little Caesars patron James Frahm said he swears by the “Hot-N-Ready.”

“It’s cheap pizza,” Frahm said. “It’s delicious and quick, and the best part is you get it right when you walk in. It’s convenient.”

In regards to competition from the already established pizza venues, Asmar said he is confident the integrity and accessibility of his pizza will speak for itself.

“We’re not worried about competition because of our quality and value,” Asmar said. “We don’t use gimmicks or coupons to bring in customers.”

Coupons or not, some Miami students said they prefer Papa John’s Pizza.

“Little Caesars is second only to Papa Johns,” junior Ryan Verbic said. “It’s the nectar of the gods.”