Beth Speidel article needs more sympathy

I think that the article really mistreated the memory of Beth. Yes we know that Oxford and Miami University have alcohol issues. However, I am certain that her friends and family members were harmed by the words of Sgt. Squance, who flew past her death without a second glance. Beth was not just a “reminder about alcohol abuse,” but rather a friend, sister, daughter, and a person. And she was not treated as thus by the article or by the stringent comments made by Sgt. Squance. In the future, you should perhaps think about the feelings of the community before printing an article that makes death out to be a lesson rather than the tragic accident it was – that claimed the life of this friend, sister, daughter and person. If you have ever lost anyone I am sure you will understand. And if not, sadly some day you will find out – then maybe your skills at sympathizing will be a little more adept.


Improved university e-mail server pending

Jordan Schoenfeld writes in a letter to the editor April 13 that Miami University needs to upgrade its e-mail system. He is absolutely right – and that upgrade in currently in progress. Two years ago Information Technology (IT) Services did a university-wide study of e-mail and calendaring. The existing system was clearly inadequate for the more than 35,000 student, faculty and staff users on four campuses. However, at the time, the price tag was considered too high, short-term system improvements were made and the replacement plans were put aside to be reviewed in two years. Last summer the review committee was reformed and, after confirming the functional requirements, recommended that the university purchase and install a Microsoft Exchange e-mail and calendaring system. The IT Strategic Advisory Council supported the recommendation and IT Services has been working on implementing a new system since November. The Exchange system, dubbed muConnect, will be installed in April and May with account migration scheduled to begin May 29. Undergraduate student accounts will be moved to the new system in July. Once specific dates are confirmed, students will be notified. muConnect will be accessible via the myMiami portal, when you click on the “Read e-mail” link, you will be taken to Outlook Web Access to read your mail. The new system includes an integrated calendar, and contacts list as well as e-mail. The system is designed to not only to provide a faster, more reliable system today but to allow for growth in the future. Bear with us – better service is on the way.

Cathy mcveyIT

OHW offers solution for Ohio healthcare

Just over one million Ohioans – 12 percent of the state’s population – lack any health insurance. Even more disheartening is that the majority of uninsured Ohioans are in working families. These are not just numbers to be discussed in the abstract. Rather they signify a burgeoning crisis for all Ohioans. Each one of us, if not personally affected, at least has a friend, family member or coworker who is struggling to make ends meet. Too often, parents will forgo buying into healthcare plans they cannot afford in order to buy groceries for the week, pay their rent or fuel their car. All the while, healthcare costs have dramatically increased, leaving the uninsured nowhere to turn to. Good health is not a privilege. Proper health care is a right all Ohioans are entitled to.

Ohio Healthy Workers (OHW) provides one possible solution to Ohio’s healthcare quagmire. This program will create an affordable health coverage option for small businesses and self-employed people without taxing Ohio’s economic pulse. In addition to exploring the OHW model, the legislature should fund start-up costs for a healthcare exchange, a proposal offered by Governor Ted Strickland. The House Committee on Healthcare Access and Affordability is starting to study healthcare models to expand access and affordability, and Ohio Healthy Workers could become a first step for the Ohio legislature to begin to heal Ohio’s uninsured illness. But it is up to us as concerned citizens to demand that our elected officials address this pertinent issue.


Campus art projects lack aesthetic appeal

It’s that time of year again. There are birds singing, sun

shining, and various monstrosities cropping up across campus. I’ve held my tongue for three years thinking it would go away; but, like that evil mother in law, it comes back year after year to nag. I apologize ahead of time, I know I will probably lose some friends over this, but I’m doing what’s best for Miami.

Driving down Patterson Avenue I noticed something red wrapped around a couple trees. Then I realized that’s probably some kind of art project. Last year walking toward Havighurst Hall I noticed some of the wire jobbies, you know, those things used to keep bunnies out of tomato plants, and pop cans dispersed throughout the lawn. Doing my civic duty I picked them up and deposited them in the dumpster, only to find out later that it was quite possibly someone’s art project.

Then there were those curious little white boxes around slant walk. I’m still perplexed with that one. Imagine being on that campus tour, “Notice all around the wonderful examples of Miami’s Neo-Georgian architecture. Up ahead, well, we think the abominable snowman may have taken hexahedron dumps.”

In my defense, I appreciate creativity and expression as much as the next person. But that’s not creativity. Oh, I’m sure it has some deeper meaning, and it’s your way to fight The Man, but can’t you come up with something better than covering a rock with tinfoil? Think of this more as a request for your best effort, because that’s clearly not it. All you’re really doing is making campus look like a Rumpke annex. I have the utmost confidence that you all have amazing potential, and I would love to have a fraction of your artistic talent. But maybe next time you can put your efforts into beautifying Miami’s already picturesque campus.