Student shares anger over voter registration issue

In response to your article regarding voter registration fraud (“ASG faults on voter registration,” Nov. 7), I am another person who was not able to vote in the recent presidential election due to the Associated Student Government (ASG). When I registered Oct. 1, I was promised that I would be sent a letter to my residence hall providing my polling location and other voter information. This never came. I was and still am furious. When my friends asked if I upheld my responsibility to vote as a citizen of the United States, I had to reply that I did not vote. It was embarrassing. I thought The Miami Student should know that this voter fraud is more widespread than previously assumed. They also asked for party affiliation which I thought was unreasonable considering that I was assisted by members of College Democrats.


Amusement needs to live up to its expectations

In six short weeks I will be a Miami University graduate setting out into the world. Miami has excellently prepared me for this transition and I am sad to leave her behind. I am especially sad because it’s clear to me there are still students on this campus who just don’t get it. I have a major bone to pick and it’s with the students responsible for Amusement. In the Nov. 7 print-edition of the “Infamous Top 7” list titled, “How Obama can save the world” you print “Sterilize the gays” as one course of action. I’m almost tempted to say I’m more offended that you put forth “Make Amusement its own publication again.” But just what exactly are you getting at? Do you understand what you’ve published is hate? There is no other word for it and there’s no excuse either. It’s within your First Amendment rights, alright, fine. But let me tell you something. It is time for you to follow through on a promise you made to Miami not even one month ago as you found a new home in the pages of The Student: “As readers, you should expect … more journalistic quality” (Editor’s Note, Oct. 24). That has not happened. Know that I will hold you accountable when I get the call that a friend has been attacked on-campus in a hate crime and is bleeding out at McCullough-Hyde Hospital. And know that I will hold you accountable when I am fired from my job simply because I am gay. (Did you know that there still is no federal legislation protecting me against crime motivated by hate or workplace discrimination?) And you aren’t making things any better by promoting and perpetuating this kind of hatred. You give voice to Miami and that voice is heard by alumni and parents and potential students, potential faculty and potential donors beyond Oxford. And right now that voice is ugly and I believe your mouth needs to be washed.


Item #6 in Amusement meant as satirical joke

My name is Steven Hoffman. I am not on the staff of Amusement or The Miami Student, and I do not speak for them.

I am, however, the person who suggested the #6 item on the most recent satirical “Top 7” list stating that one way President-Elect Barack Obama (D-Ill.) could save America was to “sterilize the gays.” I am also a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights and tolerance. I would like the opportunity to explain the intent behind my joke.

Along with its articles on entertainment, Amusement is known for its humorous and satirical spin on the topics it addresses. The “Top 7” feature, especially, is clearly all jokes-no one, I’m sure, believes that Amusement sincerely advocates the appointment of Harry Potter villain Voldemort to the post of Secretary of Evil (#3) or the made-up “Islamosocialism” (#1).

Item #6, too, was a joke. I found it ironic that, on the same day the United States made a huge and historic stride in civil rights by electing its first black president, Californians approved Proposition 8 curbing the civil rights of the members of the LGBTQ community in their state. In the context of this scenario, making a reference to Obama taking an absurdly aggressive stance against LGBTQ rights was funny and made a relevant (pro-LGBTQ) social point. Furthermore, the suggestion to sterilize LGBTQ individuals is in itself absurd, as LGBTQ lifestyles are not hereditary-sterilization, its horrific nature aside, would be a completely misguided effort to restrict the community, adding to the transparently humorous nature of the statement.

Understood in the context I have outlined (which should be obvious to any university-level student), the arguments that Amusement has, as some have suggested, spread “intolerance, discrimination and outright hatred,” that the recent content will prompt attacks or discrimination against the LGBTQ community, or that it is anything other than over-the-top satire-hold no water. I personally apologize to anyone who felt that item #6 on the “Top 7” conveyed enmity, but I assure you that the intent was in fact the opposite.

Finally, it should be noted that after consideration the editors of Amusement and the Student agreed that item #6 might be misinterpreted and decided to cut it from the final draft-its ultimate publication was an error. The editor of Amusement is a member of Spectrum, and The Miami Student has several members and allies of the LGBTQ community on its staff. Even if my arguments for satire have not swayed you, I do not feel it is fair to hold them responsible for what was, on their part, an honest mistake.Thank you for your time, and I welcome any response.


Miami students should rally behind fall sports

While the sports pages of The Miami Student have continued to be cluttered with talk of the BCS, election, struggling football team and a need for more support of the basketball team, there has been a major lack of support all season for both the men’s and women’s cross country teams. It’s truly a shame to see the two most successful fall sports absolutely ignored. The true lack of support isn’t for the basketball team, but for these teams. Last weekend the men’s team finished second at the MAC Championships and the women won the program’s first ever MAC Championship. Note: No other team has won a MAC Championship this fall, let alone the first in program history. Talk about a lack of support. Simply putting a picture of the team at the top of the page with not even another paragraph about it is just blatant disrespect. It is truly unbelievable how far The Student sports page is from a fair and reasonable coverage of all and especially the most successful sports.


Professor commends column on Obama era

As a member of faculty who was a Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) supporter (the mother of all blasphemies!) I want to endorse the thoughful column by William Schwartz in the Friday, post-election, edition of The Miami Student (“Republicans should support new era of Obama,” Nov. 7). The gist of his piece was that regardless of one’s affiliations before the elections, everyone should now rally around Barack Obama’s presidency. I could not agree more. Now that Obama is no longer just a candidate, but the president-elect (my future president), I wish him nothing but the very best. I hope and pray that the caliber of his decisions and policies match the eloquence of his words and the truly impressive organization of his campaign.

Adeed DawishaProfessor of Political