Taylor Weese, weesetc@miamioh.edu

I wanted to share a quick story about an outdated Miami Student ID. A few nights ago, a friend and I planned to go support the Miami hockey team against the University of North Dakota. We were denied entrance to the event based on the fact that our Student IDs were no longer valid.

Apparently the old, white IDs issued in 2010 to this year’s senior class are not accepted at Miami sporting events any more. While I have had many dining hall employees look at me like a firefighter standing outside the FIJI house because my ID swipes instead of taps, this is the first time it was actually turned down.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like an odd way to reward students for being responsible enough to keep the same ID for four years. But then again, at $30+ an ID for 16,000 students, why not take the extra cash? Any Miami student with their ears and eyes open is aware of the gross misspending from the overhead administration, which starts at the very top.

And if it truly costs more than $30 to replace a small piece of plastic, I’d be happy to start up a side business creating Miami ID’s. I can start Monday.