Adam Hainsfurther

Homecoming is a time-honored tradition at most schools. Alumni come back to relive their college years for the weekend. Grills are hot, drinks are cold and stadiums are full of rowdy fans cheering their alma mater on to victory.

At Miami, that doesn’t happen. Our stadium stays relatively empty, there are no grills in sight and the drinks don’t even make their way out to the hands of the alumni. It’s a travesty! It’s a shame!

So for those unfamiliar with tradition, here’s a guide to Homecoming:

Treat the alumni like your long lost friend, not some stranger. Sure, you may not actually know them, but they’ve been in your shoes. They just want to be treated like any of your classmates.

Fire up the grill! Oct. 16 was Homecoming at Indiana University and Hoosiers both current and old came out in full force for the pre-game tailgates that led up to the football game that day. Tailgates are the signature event of a proper Homecoming weekend, so don’t drop the ball.

Wear red and white. Saturday’s football game is a red out, so naturally wear white on Friday. Sure, the theme of this weekend is Reinvent Red, but white will work too, just not Saturday.

Rock out with your ‘Hawk out. Just because something’s red or white doesn’t make it appropriate to wear for Homecoming weekend. For instance, wearing your red Ohio State shirt is not appropriate not just at the game, but period.

Support all of the RedHawk teams. Sure, hockey is the “it” sport on campus and football is doing well, but they aren’t the only teams around. The volleyball team has a pair of matches this weekend and both the men’s and women’s swim teams have meets in town Saturday.

Don’t forget the big guns. Volleyball and swimming are fun, but there’s nothing quite like a hockey game in Oxford. If you want them to sweep the series, everyone needs to be at the games in full force.

Embrace the cheesiness. Part of the fun of Homecoming is how cheesy it actually is. Everything about Homecoming resembles something out of a movie. Just because it’s cheesy doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Get a bagel from Bagel and Deli. Sure, this one sounds silly, but Miami is a school steeped in tradition. There are few experiences every student needs to have to truly be considered a part of the Miami community, and one of those is getting a sandwich from this student favorite. Squeeze in there with the alumni and truly savor every steamy hot bite to remember why the alumni come back to town every year.

Go to the football game. There is no excuse for not going at this point.

Have fun. While this goes for everyone, it should ring especially true for my fellow seniors. Our time here is quickly flying by. Homecoming is a time to remember the fun you have in college, so make the most of it and truly enjoy yourself this weekend.